Mainstay - Creating Stronger Communities

1to1 Housing Solutions Ltd has partnered up with York-based mental health charity Mainstay. This service has the potential to be rolled out alongside our projects to provide pathways to employment and support for service users.

“Mainstay is a provider of choice. One in four people suffers from mental ill health. This may be a stressful day at the office or home, a bout of depression, or a psychotic episode that requires the support from a health professional. Mainstay is an organisation that seeks to support people who live in the community and suffer from mental ill health. “The services offered are individual support packages and group support. Mainstay is a great believer in placing the service user at the heart of their recovery journey. The services offered are underpinned by the recovery model and have elements of social care and education as a vehicle for the recovery journey”  - Lynne James (Mainstay CEO 2017)

Mainstay provides a counselling service, drop-in-centre, mentoring, as well as offering short courses for recovery. The service is employment focused and looks to rehabilitate and instill confidence and hope to individuals who are experiencing any degree of mental health issues. 1to1 and Mainstay have an ongoing dialogue on how to best deliver a range of services to create pathways to employment. More information about Mainstay can be found here